Stay on the safe side

with Steganos Tuning PRO

Extensive work in upkeep and optimisation of your PC is completely taken away from you.

Through regular updates and extensions of the software you can always benefit from a bleeding edge tuning product, so your computer is always kept fresh, fast and clean with the latest technologies.

Get to know the complete solution for a fast PC.



The Autopilot runs in the background and notifies you in real time when PC problems are detected.


Cleans over 220 programs, removes garbage data.


Start Windows up to 40% faster.


Automatic updates for over 35,000 drivers and programs.

More Space

with SmartCleaner

SteganosTuning PRO recognizes and deletes temporary files immediately, preventing them from taking up space on your disks. Remains and garbage data left by old Windows installations are removed securely.
Windows Registry cleaning: A well kept error-free Windows Registry leads to a more stable PC. SmartCleaner repairs your Windows Registry, safe and reliably.
Saving energy: Easy optimization of the Windows enegry settings, so your PC uses less energy while still providing the performance you expect. 
Reliable trash deletion: Delete files in a way that they're unrestorable.
Multimedia file manager: Multimedia files take up lots of space on your disk. With the help of the Multimedia file manager you can easily find and delete the ones you might no longer need, to free up valuable disk space.
Windows Registry defragmentation: Defragmentation removes empty areas in the Windows Registry, leading to improved access speeds.
Recover deleted files: Restore files that you might have accidentally deleted.

More Speed

with SmartTurbo

Autostart Optimization: Even minor adjustments to your Autostart Settings can greatly improve speed and performance for an optimized Power up and Power down behaviour - professionally and without risk. 
Optimization of Windows services: Services are programs started together with Windows when you boot up your PC. Unnecessary services that slow down your bootup and decrease your PC performance can be identified and deactivated.
Optimization of Windows settings: Through an optimal Windows configuration you'll see a noticeable performance increase on your PC.
Internet Tuning: For the protection of your privacy temporary internet files, cookies and your browsing history are constantly removed. This way you can avoid being identified or in the worst case surveilled.
Disk Defragmentation: Improve your disk speeds with latest intelligent defragmentation technology.

More Security

with SmartUpdate

Steganos Tuning PRO closes security holes by providing the latest patches and updates for your programs. The automatic download of drivers leads to maximised speed and reliability (ATI, NVIDIA, Intel, etc.).
Driver Updates: The latest drivers improve speed and reliability of your PC. Updates are installed with one mouse click, without having to spend time finding the right drivers on the Internet.
Software Updates: For the security of you system, you should always use the latest software. SmartUpdate checks all your programs and offers up the latest versions for one-click installation.
Find and remove unwanted software: Software that might have been installed on your PC without your awareness, is found easily removed upon request, freeing up valuable resources.